The best training program, period. Through a combination of strength training, yoga, athleticism, and high intensity cardio, we deliver maximum results in minimum time. No bullshit, no trends, no fads. We teach a sustainable and permanent approach to looking and feeling great naked.





Fitness is 50% physical, 50% mental. Most look at fitness as punishment or a chore, so they quit soon thereafter. We look at fitness as something one should enjoy; if you’re having fun then you can do this forever and you’ll forget about needing motivation…you’ll just show up because you love it.





The current fitness industry is broken. People pay for memberships they don’t use, products they don’t need, and exercises that hurt them. We strive to be different. A voice of reason in chaos, confusion, and lies. We believe in what we do. Everyday. PRYMAL is 100% what people need.








Clients all over the world have used the PRYMAL training program.





Located in St. Louis, Missouri, clients drive as far as an hour to train in person.

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We guarantee life-changing results because PRYMAL is the best training program in the history of the world. From CEOs to moms to students, here’s what some PRYMATES had to say.


“My fitness journey is far from complete and my story doesn’t include a big ‘pounds lost’ number. My focus has become strengthening my core and increasing my flexibility. As I have worked toward these goals, I have noticed a change in my body composition and a decrease in lower back pain, which I had struggled with for years. Even though I’ve only lost 5 pounds, I look better and I feel stronger.”


It’s hard to put into words the difference Ryan and PRYMAL have made in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to working out. Over the past year and a half, he has taught me so much more than the proper squat form and where to put my hands during a pushup. The mantras he preaches during every session – Be consistent. Show up. Don’t give up. Move daily. – ring in my ear throughout my day. I am amazed how passionate he is. If half the people I hired had his level of passion for their careers, this world would be a much better place.”


“For me, PRYMAL is a life changing fitness program that challenges me at every level and transcends into my daily life. I don’t like getting up at 5:30 AM and can’t stand burpees or intervals, but when we’re finished the sense of accomplishment and exercise high is second to none. Nothing in my day ahead will be that difficult compared to the training we did that morning.” 


“Ryan’s approach to training is refreshing. It’s fun, different than the norm, and a challenge. It is a part of my life I will always make time for because of the results I get in and out of the gym.”


“I will always believe in PRYMAL and continue to kindly represent it because of what it means to me. Thank you for believing in me, Ryan and genuinely caring about each person you train/motivate.”


“As an athlete you get used to pain; over time you begin to accept the physical limitations that come along with old injuries. The PRYMAL approach and techniques have placed me in a position to question and push through those self imposed limitations. I have increased my strength, flexibility, and endurance through Ryan’s high-intensity, low-impact program. What is most impressive to me is that the sessions only last one hour. Time is my most valuable asset. Not only does PRYMAL fit well into my busy life, it gives me the energy to spend time doing things I love with the people I love (like coaching my son).”